Oracle has announced expanded capabilities for Oracle  AI that further simplify the development and deployment of enterprise-grade generative AI solutions.

Oracle, focused on creating products that help enterprises quickly and easily embed state-of-the-art AI innovations into their business processes to get the most value out of their data and drive high-value business outcomes. Oracle is uniquely positioned to make this proposition a reality for our customers through a comprehensive AI strategy that integrates our strengths in enterprise-grade data management with new approaches that bring AI to data.

Deeply embedded AI and machine learning (ML) across our entire product suite, spanning databases, AI infrastructure, cloud services, applications, and industry solutions. We’ve continued our work around maintaining data security and governance. And we’ve built an AI infrastructure used by the builders of the world’s biggest and most capable large language models (LLMs).

Oracle announced expanded capabilities for Oracle AI that further simplify the development and deployment of enterprise-grade generative AI solutions. These enhancements include the availability of the Cohere Command R family of models on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Generative AI service, new features to improve the quality and usability of generative language models, new models for OCI Data Science AI Quick Actions, and expanded availability of our portfolio of platform services for AI including text-to-speech for OCI Speech.

New generative AI models and features: Innovating for enterprise adoption:

  • Cohere Command R and Command R+ models

Oracle announced the general availability of Cohere Command R on OCI Generative AI for on-demand and dedicated hosting. Command R is a highly scalable and secure enterprise-grade AI model. It offers industry-leading multilingual capabilities and leverages retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) to excel at business use cases with high accuracy and verifiability.

Additionally, Oracle offering limited availability of Cohere Command R+, which provides even stronger accuracy for customers who need the highest quality generative outputs. Cohere recently introduced this family of scalable models that strike a balance between high-quality output, strong accuracy, and efficient performance for enabling enterprises to move from proof of concept into production-grade AI.

Tabnine, the AI code assistant that accelerates and simplifies software development while keeping your code private, secure, and compliant, is a new OCI customer using OCI Generative AI. By selecting the Cohere Command R model as an underlying LLM that powers Tabnine Chat, Tabnine is providing its users with capabilities such as creating tests and documentation; and explaining, fixing, generating, and maintaining code.

“By using the Cohere Command R model running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Tabnine delivers our users with another option for best-in-class AI infrastructure,” said Peter Guagenti, president of Tabnine. “As a trusted resource for millions of developers, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of privacy, security, and performance. The Cohere Command R model on OCI Generative AI is a welcomed addition and we are excited to see it in action.”

  • Meta Llama3-70B

Oracle  also support the pretrained Meta Llama 3 70B model. This model offers reasoning, code generation, and instruction capabilities that are greatly improved from the previous Llama 2 model. With this release, you can access the Llama 3 70B model through on-demand or dedicated hosting. You can fine-tune the Llama 3 70B model with your own custom data set to enhance the precision of the model with the low-rank adaptation (LoRA) fine-tuning method.

  • LlamaIndex

OCI Generative AI is now integrated with LlamaIndex, the leading framework for building LLM applications. Creating chatbots, agents, and other applications with generative AI is now simpler.

  • New Chat API

Introduced the new Chat API, which supports the Command R and Llama 3 models, accessible via the OCI SDK, API, or console Playground. The new Chat API provides an easy integration into the new models by matching the format of the partner model APIs. It also supports Tool Use for function calling or building complex agents.

The latest advancements inOracle AI portfolio demonstrate  continued commitment to delivering best-in-class AI services and infrastructure to  customers.

AI has the potential to transform the enterprise. However, to be truly useful in solving business problems, it must be enterprise-grade, secure, accurate, and accessible. Oracle’s latest AI offerings are designed to meet these needs. They’re powered by high performance and cost-effective infrastructure and seamlessly embedded across our industry-leading cloud applications and suite of data management services. With Oracle, enterprises can harness the power of generative AI to improve customer experiences, boost employee productivity, and drive innovation.

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AI and the Enterprise: Oracle’s New Capabilities for Driving Business Value

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