EnchantApps provides value added services for Salesforce and Apttus customers. If you are an Apttus customer, or a Salesforce Customer looking to implement Apttus, we can help.

Whether you use CLM or CPQ products or just thinking of purchasing Apttus for streamlining your quote to cash process, EnchantApps can provide value to your organization.

EnchantApps provides services in implementing, rollout, testing and upgrade of Apttus solution.


If you are an existing Apttus Customer….

A few years back, your company chose to leverage the strength of Salesforce, and bought the CPQ/CLM solution from Apttus with which to run your business. While the platform, and the core software itself is robust, a number of enhancements in the shape of reports, interfaces and integrations, visual source pages and so on have crept into the mix.

In addition, you probably do not have the time and resources to research the new release, test it in your development sandbox and take it all the way to production – without breaking anything!

Now, Apttus has introduced a new software release – may be coupled with an extinction date for the support of your current, older version. In order to efficiently run your business, you must upgrade. You may be happy with the version you have got, or may want to get the new bells and whistles from the latest version. To know more about the latest Apttus package contact us.

If that sounds like a familiar concern, or an issue you have, Let’s Talk!

Careers for Apttus CPQ and CLM professionals

And If you are not an Apttus customer – find out Why you should look into Apttus – 

This video will give you a glimpse of what makes Apttus the clear Quote-to-Cash choice for over 500,000 users:

  • Comprehensively functionality,
  • World-class cloud delivery
  • Innovative usability –
  • All built on the Salesforce1 platform.

Apttus CPQ in many sense is equivalent of better than the Oracle’s offering of Oracle Order Management Cloud with configure-price-quote.

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