So you have decided to go the SAAS route. Its a great decision! Moving your software applications from on premise to Cloud, or leveraging existing SAAS applications for your business can be a cost effective and growth enabling decision.

When it comes to SAAS though, it is sometimes at the mercy of the provider that you can only do so much with your application portfolio. To add to that, customization and bolt-ons you add to your SAAS platform over a period of time can stop working just by a mere upgrade of the underlying SAAS layer.

How to handle such problems?

You do not want to have someone in your staff just to sit and wait for such things to happen. You’d rather want someone as a partner who can jump in when a mess like this happen, clean the garbage, layout new sheets, dust the drapes and make your house look clean and welcoming again!

Welcome to Managed Services for SAAS!

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