Oracle Cloud Tools has solved a problem for Oracle cloud developers that can help gain 20% or more productivity.

Today, if you have to run a query against Oracle Cloud (ERP/HCM) applications, you need to use the BI Publisher tools provided by Oracle. These are not very efficient when you are doing development day in- day out with multiple environments and need query results exported to CSV, Excel from various pods.

Oracle Cloud Tool’s SQLConnect application solves this problem!

Find out more at Oracle Cloud Tool SQLConnect Product Introduction page.

Features of SQL Connect tool for adhoc SQL queries against Oracle Cloud –

  1. Desktop app – works with Windows and Mac.
  2. Secure data transfer
  3. Web service driven connectivity with Oracle cloud.
  4. Connect to multiple pods from one place
  5. Export to CSV
  6. Export to Excel
  7. User friendly and intuitive
Adhoc Query in Oracle Cloud using SQLConnect from Oracle Cloud Tools

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