Oracle Fusion Cloud Utilities Key Account Manager Experience simplifies standard work processes for account managers at a utility company by providing a variety of tools that reduce the cost-to-serve, provide elevated customer service, and enable an efficient sales cycle. This experience integrates Oracle Fusion Sales and Service with Oracle Utilities Customer information systems to provide a single, integrated, application.


You can now launch an interview within the context of a billing account. The interview provides a series of questions you can ask your customers to help determine what they need. The Needs Analysis Dashboard leverages the Oracle Intelligent Advisor (OIA) system, which enables you to create and configure interviews and process flows related to your utility’s products, programs, or services.

OIA interviews you create can be displayed in the Needs Analysis Dashboard. These interviews can contain rules and predefined processes that enable you to provide customers with consistent service while automating decision-making. That means you spend less time looking through data and more time creating personalized service experiences with customers.


You can now see contract renewal insights on the Account 360 Overview tab. These insights indicate that an account has one or more service contracts that have expired or are expiring soon. These insights are triggered by the existence of opportunity records with the opportunity type of RENEW.

Contract renewal insights help you identify service contracts that are expiring soon or have expired so you can take proactive measures to engage with your customer about renewing the contract or making changes that will better meet their business needs.


You can now see billing and usage data related to inactive service contracts in the Key Account Manager Experience. Previously, billing and usage data was only available for billing accounts with active service contracts. Additionally, the Historical Data Range profile option has been added to enable you to specify how many years of historical data is viewable in the billing and usage features of the Key Account Manager Experience. This option is set to three years by default. This allows you to focus on a data set that represents the customer’s recent trends and behaviors.

When viewing a large and complex customer’s billing and usage trends, it is important to consider the impact of contracts that were part of the customer’s service profile before today. Access to billing and usage data related to inactive service contracts gives you a complete picture of the customer’s service with your utility in the recent past, which can help you plan for their growth.


You can now associate leads and opportunities with a utility billing account. Previously, leads and opportunities could only be associated with an Oracle Fusion account. The Account 360 Leads and Opportunities tab now displays a list of all leads and opportunities for the selected account and its child billing accounts. You can also navigate to a specific billing account and see a list of leads and opportunities associated with that billing account.

The Leads and Opportunities tab provides you with easy access to lead and opportunity information for the Oracle Fusion account or utility billing accounts without having to access other systems or screens. By default, the lists are sorted to display the most recent leads and opportunities first.

You can click the hyperlinked name of the lead or opportunity to view more detailed information or access the edit screen to make changes to the record. You can also create leads and opportunities directly from the Leads and Opportunities tab, which automatically populates the record with the appropriate account and billing account information.

Finally, you can edit the billing accounts associated with a lead or opportunity by clicking the Edit Billing Accounts link from the actions menu. The system presents a list of the billing accounts linked to the record. From here, you can add additional billing accounts or use the action menu to associate other entities, such as a premise, to the record.

Associating leads and opportunities with a specific billing account makes it easier for you to engage with your accounts, forecast sales, and add value at the billing account level when needed. You can easily find the leads or opportunities you need to work on, which enables you to quickly take the next steps to advance the deal.

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