What is Oracle Redwood?
Redwood is the name of Oracle’s next generation user experience. It brings state-of-the-art, consumer
grade user experiences across devices to the sophisticated enterprise scenarios that Oracle enables. The
Redwood experience is not just for our user interfaces. It touches every single interaction with our
company for customers, partners, and employees. Redwood is not just a change in color scheme or a
marketing initiative. It’s a collective reinvention of how Oracle customers interact with technology and
consume information. We see this as an opportunity to set a new standard for user experience for the
entire industry.
What makes Redwood unique?
The shift to Oracle Redwood goes beyond simply a new aesthetic. It leverages Oracle’s unique strengths
to create an unparalleled user experience that is fundamentally different. Here’s what sets Redwood
Effortless Search and Conversation: Redwood new UI empowers you to find information and complete
tasks seamlessly with a robust search and conversation interface. Imagine asking questions and
receiving answers, or even using voice commands, to navigate through your work, instead of searching

Machine Learning that Learns from You: It utilizes cutting-edge machine learning to understand your
specific needs and preferences. This translates to personalized recommendations and guidance that
continuously evolve, making your work experience more efficient and effective.

Data Visualization Redefined: As a leader in data storage and security, Oracle brings its expertise to
data visualization within Redwood. Experience best-in-class visualizations that transform data into clear
insights, helping you uncover hidden patterns and make data-driven decisions with greater confidence.

Build Like Oracle: Oracle Redwood UX empowers you to create your own system. Leverage the same
modern UX components and tools used internally by Oracle to extend your applications and build
cutting-edge user experiences tailored to your specific needs.

Redwood isn’t just about mimicking consumer applications; it’s about harnessing the power and
expertise of Oracle to deliver a user experience that is intuitive, personalized, and data-driven,
ultimately empowering you to achieve more.

Shared Resource for Building Extraordinary Applications:
Redwood isn’t just a user experience; it’s a collaborative ecosystem that empowers everyone to extend
and build applications. Here’s why your creations within Redwood have the potential to achieve
exceptional results:
Design-Led, Not Designer-Led
Data-Driven Iteration

What is Oracle Redwood?

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