New AI capabilities in Oracle Cloud CX help marketers, sellers, and service agents, improve customer
satisfaction, increase productivity, and accelerate deal cycles

Oracle announced new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities within Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer
Experience (CX) to help marketers, sellers, and service agents accelerate deal cycles. The new AI
capabilities will help organizations generate more sales faster by automating time-consuming tasks and
enabling front-office professionals to more precisely target, engage, and serve buyers.

“The new AI capabilities embedded within Oracle Cloud CX will enable organizations to enhance
customer satisfaction and drive more sales by automating processes that enable marketing, sales, and
service professionals to spend their quality time on more meaningful tasks while the technology is
helping to engage and serve buyers in a more precise manner.”

Built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and leveraging its leading AI services, Oracle supports over 50
generative AI use cases that are embedded within Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite and designed
to respect customers’ enterprise data, privacy, and security. With OCI Generative AI Service, no
customer data is shared with large language model (LLM) providers or seen by other customers. In
addition, an individual customer is the only entity allowed to use custom models trained on its data. To
further protect sensitive information, role-based security is embedded directly into Oracle Fusion
application workflows that only recommend content that end users are entitled to view.

The new AI capabilities in Oracle Cloud CX further expand the AI capabilities within Oracle Fusion
Applications, which helps organizations be more competitive, boost productivity, and reduce the cost of
doing business.
New AI capabilities in Oracle Cloud CX include:

Gen AI-Assisted Answer Generation: Helps service agents reduce their workloads by
automatically crafting contextually aware responses to customer questions. This new generative
AI capability in Oracle Service will improve customer response times and free up service agents
to focus on more complex scenarios by leveraging Oracle Digital Assistant to manage and
answer customer inquiries.

Assisted Scheduling for Field Service: Helps field service technicians optimize their schedules by
automatically recommending relevant jobs by considering key identifiers such as availability,
location, skills, billing status, and more. This new capability in Oracle Service leverages AI to
improve service productivity and overall customer satisfaction by automatically recommending
jobs based on the estimated job duration and travel time.
Opportunity Identification: Helps marketers and sellers generate more B2B deals and grow
account-based revenue by helping to identify the right contacts at target accounts in order to
improve effective cross-sell and upsell motions. The new AI models within Oracle Unity CDP
provide look-alike modeling for contacts, job title normalization, and topic interest mapping,
which help predictively identify and label the right members of a buying group to drive
activation and more relevant sales engagement.
Gen AI-Assisted Authoring for Marketing and Sales: Helps marketers and sellers quickly create
compelling content to better engage buyers and accelerate deal cycles. The new generative AI
capabilities in Oracle Marketing and Oracle Sales help increase buyer engagement by producing
targeted content for marketing and sales collateral, such as recommended copy for emails and
landing pages.

Seller Engagement Recommendations: Helps sellers increase buyer engagement and accelerate
purchase decisions. The new AI capabilities within Oracle Sales enable sellers to generate more
deals by delivering highly targeted recommendations on specific products to offer, insights on
the buyers’ role and engagement level, and additional contacts for key opportunities.
“The latest updates to Oracle Service are good examples of how AI and machine learning models can
improve customer experiences and create the efficiencies needed for service workers to be more
Part of Oracle Fusion Applications, Oracle Cloud CX helps organizations connect data and workflows
across marketing, sales, and service to make every customer interaction matter.

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Oracle Introduces New AI Capabilities to Help Organizations Boost Sales

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