The latest update for Oracle Cloud is here! 24B brings new features and functionalities to your Oracle environment.
Let’s overview some of the most exciting new benefits in SCM.

What’s new in Supply Chain Management (SCM)?
Streamlining procurement processes, improving supplier collaboration, and expanding self-service procurement functionalities. It also offers enhanced functionality in manufacturing, order management, and global order promises.

What are the new technical updates?
Supply Chain Management (SCM):

Inventory Management:
 OTBI reporting with Unique Device Identifier for lot/serial numbers.
 Monitoring transfer orders with OTBI’s Transfer Order Initial Requested Quantity.
 Automating sales order backorder cancellation and enforcing single shipment attributes. Real-
time cost analysis with supply chain cost rollup in OTBI.
 Reporting additional co-products and by-products in standard manufacturing work orders.
 New OTBI subject area for insights into period-end accruals (indirect procurement costs).

 Manage Minimum Transfer Quantity attribute using spreadsheets and REST services.
 OTBI reporting with Minimum Transfer Quantity for work order performance.
 Work Order Material Transactions REST API for reporting outputs in standard work orders.
 OTBI reports with a Unique Device Identifier for analyzing work orders and transaction history.


 Redwood page configuration with business rules using Visual Builder Studio.
 Real-time self-service reporting for work requirements, warranties, etc. using OTBI.
 Integrated warranty solution for defining coverage templates and managing asset warranties.

Order Management:
 Redwood page configuration with business rules using Visual Builder Studio.
 Updates to Supply Chain Planning FBDI templates (ATP Rules, Bill of Materials, etc.).

 New REST resources for Purchase Agreements, Purchase Agreement Lines, Import Requests, etc.
 OTBI reporting on compliance checklists related to purchasing documents.
 Specifying additional supplier contact emails for purchase orders and OTBI reporting.

EnchantApps can help with Oracle testing. Feel free to reach out to us if you need any help with 24B release issues.

Oracle Fusion SCM 24B Release Notes : What’s New ?

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