Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC) is known for its continuous innovation and improvement in enhancing the recruitment experience for both candidates and recruiters. With the latest 24B update, ORC has added a highly beneficial feature that allows candidates to manage their communication preferences directly within the application flows.

What’s New?

 Manage Communication Preferences in the Application Flows:

Candidates can now edit their email addresses and phone numbers during the apply flow. Before this update, candidates could only update their information from their profile in self-service.

An Edit button now appears next to the email and phone fields during the apply flow. Candidates can simply click it to edit their contact details and then click Save. A confirmation message will appear once the changes are successfully made.

Candidates can also cancel any changes by clicking the Undo icon.

Changing communication preferences is just as easy! Candidates can click Use for communication next to either Email Address or Phone Number to select their preferred method of communication.

Benefits of this Feature

  • Improved User Experience: Candidates can easily edit their communication preferences, saving time and providing a smoother application flow.
  • Flexibility: The feature allows candidates to manage their contact information effortlessly.
  • Increased Accuracy: Ensures communication is sent via the preferred method, reducing the chance of missed messages.

 Tips and Considerations:

  • New Candidates: Brand new candidates can only select one communication method (either email or phone).
  • Returning Candidates: Returning candidates can select both email and phone. However, if they edit their preferences, they’ll need to verify ownership via an inline PIN challenge during the apply flow.
  • New Candidates’ Verification: New candidates verify their chosen communication method after submitting the application.
  • Talent Community: Communication within the Talent Community can only be conducted via email.
  • SMS Feature: If SMS is not enabled, email is used as the primary communication method in all cases, and candidates won’t be able to change this preference.
New Feature in Oracle Recruiting Cloud 24B: Manage Communication Preferences in Application Flows

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