In this article, we will talk about Workday integration with

Workday is the most popular and rapidly growing cloud based Human Capital Management (HCM) system. It stores HR information, employees, contingent workers, organization, jobs, positions and much more for an organization’s HR department.

Salesforce is the Word’s #1 cloud platform for CRM, and also one on top of which enterprise applications like Apttus CPQ, Apttus CLM are built.

All these three systems, Workday, Salesforce.Com, and Apttus have their own way of storing and managing data. Each has its own way of handling things. But if an organization wants end to end integration, it is required in many scenarios that Workday (employee data) be integrated with

In this example, we talk about bringing Workday Employee (Worker) information into Salesforce User object and eventually connect it within Apttus CLM for approval process.

Even though this can be done by native SOAP call, but Salesforce has its own limitation when it comes to that. Using a middleware such as Biztalk, Mulesoft, CastIron is a better approach.

In this case study, we share the details of using Mulesoft to connect Workday and

Workday and (SFDC) integration using Mulesoft

Workday Integration with Salesforce and Apttus CLM
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