24B Update Features Covered:
Redwood Experience
Additional Plan Type Groupings
Use Home Address for Service Area Eligibility
Update Default Behavior for Timeliness Evaluation of Life Events
Additional Certification Types

  1. Redwood Experience:
    Oracle continues to add Redwood enhancements for Benefits with each of its releases. In this release, a
    Benefits Summary page was created to improve the user experience with consistent functionality across
    Redwood Pages.
  2. Additional Plan Type Groupings:
    With this enhancement, you now have greater flexibility in using plan type groupings. You can now
    utilize six additional plan-type groupings along with the existing twelve to group benefit plans and plan
    types. Plan type grouping enables you to group different plans more effectively in the self-service
    enrollment process. Furthermore, this grouping feature enables you to have different text, display, and
    rate column information for each country.
  3. Use Home Address for Service Area Eligibility:
    Employee’s home address can now be used instead of the primary or work address for eligibility profiles.
    A new profile option has been introduced to allow service area and postal code eligibility profiles for
    such purposes.
  4. Updated Default Behavior for Timeliness Evaluation of Life Events:
    This enhancement defaults the Timeliness Days field to 90 for new life events and any existing life
    events if their existing values are null. The new default behavior for the timeliness evaluation feature
    helps prevent situations where events are backed out causing additional work for admins. The
    Timeliness Evaluation and Timeliness Days fields of all life events will now be populated, and you can
    choose to have life events voided automatically or placed in manual status to review and determine the
    best course of action.
  5. Additional Certification Types:
    Additional certification types can now be added to the enrollment, dependent, and beneficiary
    certifications. When creating certifications, this enhancement allows more flexibility making it easier to
    track the exact documents you are looking for.

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Oracle HCM Update 24B: Benefits

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