Oracle has focused on a wide range of Core HR module flow enhancements, and there are some great improvements to Journeys in the 24B Quarterly update.

Core HCM Enhancements in Journeys

1. Document Delivery Preference and Payment Methods Regions Supported as Embedded Tasks in Journeys:

The Embedded Application task type allows the user to complete application tasks within a Journey, reducing the clicks needed to navigate from the Journey to other areas of the system.

Oracle has added Document Delivery Preference and Payment Methods to the list of embedded tasks which simplifies the completion of additional application tasks and reduces navigation by using the task regions embedded in a Journey.

This new feature enables faster completion of Journey tasks with reduced clicks and comes as a ready-to-use feature, thereby simplifying the configuration process. This feature could be widely used by all customers as this is simple to implement and gives your users an improved experience, and saves time.

1 A. Document Delivery Preference Region in Embedded Task:

The 24B update allows users to set the document delivery preference as a part of the journey rather than having to go through the Document Delivery preference quick action to set the preference. This new feature saves a lot of time and makes the process much simpler.

Document Delivery Preference can be edited Directly Within a Journey Task

Things to consider when this is configured in Journeys are; that only the Document Delivery Preferences Redwood page is supported, and only those embedded application tasks are supported where the worker is the task performer.

1 B. Payment Methods Region in Embedded Task:

Payment Methods can now be directly created from the Journey. Before 24B this needed to be added via Pay and Payment methods.

Payment Methods can be directly created within the journey task

2. Navigate to a specific Journey Task directly from the task notification:

Oracle has streamlined the navigation from the task notification so that users can easily navigate to the specific task directly from the task notification. This feature is available from all start points, such as Email, Bell, Things to Finish, and BPM Worklist.

 Additionally, the feature is available for all these notifications only if the user is the task performer:

  • Task Assigned and Reassigned Notification (BIP and Alert)
  • Task Updated Notification (BIP and Alert)
  • Task Assigned Combined Notification (BIP and Alert)
  • Reminder Notification (only Alert)

This feature comes as a ready-to-use feature and reduces a lot of time by navigating directly to the task from the notification, instead of going through the Journeys Quick Action and working on the assigned tasks via My Journeys(Employees)/Assigned Journeys(Managers and HR Specialists) and then the tasks.

This is very useful for customers especially when the users are very new to Oracle by simplifying the navigation to journey tasks.

  • The Details hyperlink directs to the task when it’s a combined Task Notification
  • Access the Task hyperlink directs to the task when it’s a Single Task Notification
  • Act now hyperlink directs to the task when it’s a Reminder Notification.

3. Open BIP Report on the same Assigned Journey Page:

We can now configure the option to open the BIP report for a Report task type as a panel drawer. Prior to 24B, the BIP Report needed to be accessed from a separate browser window, thereby users have to re-open the task again to complete the task. This has been addressed in the 24B update.

This is a very useful feature for the customers by enabling them to access the BIP Report easily in a panel drawer instead of having to navigate to the new browser window every time they need to view a report. This is highly beneficial as they can view the report in the same page and click on DONE at the same time to complete the task.

4. Redwood experience for Journeys configuration:

In the current system, we create checklist templates with a group of tasks that need to be completed when an action occurs. We can then link the template and tasks to various sections and pages. We create and maintain checklist tasks within a template using the Checklist Templates task in Setup and Maintenance. A checklist can be automatically allocated when an action occurs, or allocated manually.

Oracle has enriched the user experience with the new Journey Configurations page developed using the Redwood toolset in the 24B update. The page is built from the ground up using Visual Builder Studio (VBS) to give the users a unique experience of Oracle applications. This is very useful for the customers as it reduces the number of clicks and navigations to setup a journey than the existing Configurations tab on the Checklist Templates page, and provides the end users with better performance.

These enhancements in the 24B Update significantly improves Journey configuration and end-user experience.

For organizations seeking a seamless implementation of these enhancements, EnchantApps stands as a trusted partner. With our expertise in Oracle Cloud applications and a proven track record of successful implementations, we are well-equipped to guide organizations through the adoption of these crucial updates.

Oracle HCM 24B Update in Journeys

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