EnchantApps is helping customers get the most out of their eBusiness Suite. With the increasing mobile workforce in a service enterprise and ever increasing customer demands a mobile app for Enterprise Asset Management can come in really handy. It not only helps increase productivity of the employees, but also helps get real time data and analytic information to manage, maintain and service the assets. Improved customer service and cost savings are just a few of side effects.

Enterprise Asset Management:

Oracle’s EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) module helps you store, maintain and manage your asset information. These assets can range from few hundred dollars in cost (Routers) to few thousand dollars in cost (Gas Compressors). EAM provides you ability to maintain these assets on a periodic schedule basis by creating maintenance plans, defining operations sequences and entering critical operational data.

Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (Oracle eAM) works for for property, plants, and public infrastructure and it supports sophisticated, condition-based maintenance strategies. A single-instance design of Oracle EAM ensures best practices and quality compliance globally, at the same time eliminating excess and obsolete spare parts inventories.

It also helps promotes environmental, health and safety policies such as NESHAP in Oil and Gas industry; EAM helps coordination of production and maintenance schedules, and there by improves the responsiveness and accuracy of contracted maintenance with your customers.

Enter Mobile:

EnchantApps Mobile applications integrate with Oracle EAM seamlessly. Built on robust Oracle platform, this application works in both connected and disconnected mode. You can get Work Order information from your EAM sent to the mobile device on a regular basis, or when the user wants to refresh it.

Once user has the information, they can either choose to complete it right away, or schedule for later in the day. The information is sent back and forth between system as needed. User can complete the Operations, enter information related to key Operations data and also enter the labor hours required for billing the customer or for tracking purpose.

The key is, all setups are governed by back office in Oracle EAM, and they feed to the mobile device for the field users/shop users/service technicians – who perform the operations, enter relevant data, and submit their time entries. This allows the organization to maintain better work order records, provide access to important information in the field, ability to manage and review schedules, capture customer or approver signatures and ultimately integrate data between Oracle eBS EAM application and EAM mobile application.

The EnchantApps EAM mobile application works on browser compatible with HTML5 and a variety of mobile devices – So you can choose if you want to use a laptop, or a mobile device.

More Details about the application:

Application Supports Oracle 11i, R12 and future releases.  It is build using Oracle database and can be connected to many other databases via built-in connectivity.

Mobile Connectivity: Connected (send and receive Oracle data instantaneously),  Disconnected (operate totally stand-alone with access to ALL information), Occasionally Connected (operate in both modes, taking advantage of wireless when available)

If you are interested in knowing more about this application, how EnchantApps can help integrate your Oracle EAM to EAM mobile and other related applications, please feel free to contact us.

Oracle EAM Mobile Application
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