For an enterprise, the logistics network is continuously changing asn the markets change, and it gets complex day by day. Cost control, inventory control, sustainability and overall shareholder value and customer satisfaction are the key drivers in today’s world.

How can Oracle Products, and specially which Oracle products can help you get there?

Oracle’s value chain execution allows you to:

  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Improve Global trade practices
  • Lower inventory
  • Provide visibility
  • Monitor and measure results

Here are some of the Oracle products that you can leverage in order to achieve Value Chain execellence:

Oracle Transportation Management (OTM):

Oracle is No. 1 in transportation management. OTM is one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive applications for logistics. It helps the organization with managing all transportation needs and is easily deployed. Some of the benefits of OTM are:

  1. Lower transportation costs
  2. Improve partner performance and reliability
  3. Maximize fleet and container utilization

Along with the OTM products, and Fusion Transportation Engine, Oracle also has the latest in the logistics management – the next generation Oracle In-Memory Logistics Command Center (LCC). Helps you create an agile, resilient and efficient Supply chain.

Oracle In-Memory LCC optimizes the performance of logistics operations, helping you:

  • Rapidly evaluate supply-chain options
  • Improve supply-chain agility
  • Accelerate time to value
  • Drive competitive advantage
  • Achieve operational excellence

Oracle Warehouse Management and Oracle Yard Management:

To manage the flow of goods and resources across the business processes, Oracle provides Warehouse Management and Yard Management applications.

Oracle Global Trade Management:

Oracle Global Trade Management helps you:

  • Enhance visibility into critical trade data
  • Simplify compliance and mitigate risk
  • Accelerate cashflow and reduce costs
  • Identify and execute best practices
  • Eliminate redundant processes

Download Oracle publication on Oracle Value Chain Execution.

Enterprise Value Chain Execution with Oracle
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