Imagine your business to business enterprise having to send a quote to customer for a highly configurable product line. Prices change every week, and depending on customer location, relationship and other factores, promotions and discounts vary.

How long is this cycle in your company? Does the customer keep waiting while your team is trying to figure out the quote. Also, does the quote get stuck in legal review and red lining – keeping the customer waiting – due to internal processes?

Here are some of the key benefits of looking at a CPQ (combined with CLM) solution of Apttus, on Salesforce.

Apttus CPQ – Configure, Price, Quote and Aptuss CLM – Contract lifecycle management solutions have changed the way many companies do business.

Apttus CPQ









Quote to Cash describes the process of creating a quote, engaging and negotiating and agreement, then collecting and managing revenue stream once the deal is signed. It starts when a prospect shows interest in your product, and extends all the way through your critical business processes – entire customer lifecycle – to realization of cash.

Apttus CPQ implementation will help you gain the value and maximize the produtivity of your quote to cash business cycle.

A typical quote to cash cycle includes:

  • Configuration – Combination of products and Services
  • Pricing – Volume discounts, promos, bundles etc
  • Quote – Generate, Approve and Transmit to customer
  • Contract Creation and Management (Negotiation, Execution, Renewal) – On quote approval – until Order form creation and contract approval
  • Order fulfillment – Order processing, shipping and delivery
  • Billing – Invoice generation and transmission
  • Revenue Collection –  Cash received!
  • Contract Renewals – Here we go again!

Apttus CPQ implementation will touch all these processes and ensure that each is working in tandem with other and streamlined business value is achieved.

Oracle Big Machine is another CPQ system to look at if you are interested in pursuing a completed, end-to-end Quote to cash solution for your organization.

EnchantApps can help you with Apttus CPQ implementation. Contact Us today! and find our how we can help maximize the results from your Apttus CPQ system, Salesforce or Oracle environment.

Apttus CPQ Implementation
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