Today, 2/2/16, Salesforce announced the Lightning Steelbrick CPQ integration with the Salesforce application. Now that Steelbrick is fully integrated within the SF itself, its a huge competition for other CPQ vendors like Apttus, who have invested heavily in the SF ecosystem and CPQ space.

Both Apttus and Steelbrick CPQ solutions are latest in the technology stack and offer multiple features that can help companies enhance their Quote to Cash business processes.

Here is a brief comparison of the two leading CPQ products on Salesforce platform:

This comparison is based on the inputs from various industry users and may not be 100% accurate.

Salesforce CPQ Contenders  Apttus CPQ


 SteelBrick CPQ
Overall Score  3.6 / 5  4.3 / 5
Meets Requirements  7.5 out of 5  8 out of 5
Usability  8 out of 10  8.7 out of 10
Setup  6.9 out of 10  7.2 out of 10
Maintenance  7.8 out of 10  8 out of 10
Support  7.8 out of 10  9 out of 10
Roadmap  8 out of 10  9 out of 10
What works?  100% native Force,com; fully integrated solution; easily customizable through; flexible on subscription terms and pricing; a very helpful and friendly and accommodating Sales and Professional Services team.  I like that fact that I have control over many aspects of our quoting tool. I can update change and create rules on the fly and I don’t have to spend money with the vendor in order to do so like I did with BMI
Critics Comments  Its slow and not user friendly. The red circle take about 20 seconds every time you click a field. After a while this can get frustrating – especially if you click the wrong field accidentally.  The system was really not ready for the complexity of our quoting processes when we bought it. Initially it only allowed one or two levels of further product selection. After that obstacle was removed, the output capabilities did not match up with that infinite bundles to get any real value out of the system. Also, inherent issues with Salesforce and currencies were not well understood by us, and we needed more expertise in this than Steelbrick was able to offer.
Apttus vs Steelbrick CPQ

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