In a recent launch, Oracle Extends AI Across Its Stack With New GenAI Cloud Features

Oracle announced the general availability of its OCI Generative AI Service, along with several Substantial enhancements to its data science and cloud offerings.

Let’s take a look at what Oracle announced.

OCI Generative AI Service:
The OCI Generative AI service is a managed platform designed to incorporate large language models into various enterprise use cases. The new service supports models like Meta’s Llama 2 and Cohere’s Command 52/6B models, offering a multilingual embedding capability for more than 100 languages. The OCI Generative AI service aims to address a range of enterprise applications, from customer service automation to personalized marketing and sales support.

OCI Generative AI Agents:
The beta release of OCI Generative AI Agents by Oracle is one of the most exciting elements of today’s announcement. These agents are designed to act as intermediaries, translating user queries into specific tasks executed by underlying Generative AI components. The generative AI agents provide a seamless
and intuitive interaction between users and AI systems, greatly enhancing the practical application of AI in business contexts.

Data Science AI Quick Actions
Oracle is bringing new AI features to its OCI Data Science service to make AI and machine learning more accessible and functional for a broader range of users. Oracle’s new OCI Data Science AI Quick Actions feature is a key new capability. The no-code service unlocks access to diverse open-source LLMs from
providers such as Meta and Mistral AI.

The new quick actions simplify accessing and deploying these advanced models, making it easier for users without deep technical expertise to utilize state-of-the-art AI tools. It offers a user-friendly, no-code interface for model fine-tuning and deployment, reducing the complexity typically associated with these processes.

 Oracle Extends AI Across Its Stacks With New GenAI Cloud Features

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