Forrester reasearch tweeted last year that “Mobile will be more disruptive than the web and the PC”. Well, its true, and more than likely you must be seeing the impact of that in your organization as well.

It’s good if you are seeing it in your organization, instead of at a competitor’s because the truth is – done right, Mobility can be a big game changer!

To remain competitive, businesses must quickly and effectively resolve problems and be ready to engage with customers across all devices and touch points

Any organization that has Mobile workforce, must have mobility in their top three priorities for the coming year. The most important thing to focus on is strategy. At EnchantApps, we have seen customers make wrong choices, costly decisions and then realize months later that the solution or approach they took for a mobile application was not right. Lack of strategic direction in bringing your organization or an application mobile, is biggest mistake you can make.

Mobility is not constant, it keeps changing. There are new devices that come out every day. New OS versions. Myriads of user preferences and choices. A feature that one user loves, may be a problem for another user. Business users are always demanding, and when it comes to mobile, they are even more demanding because of the sheer nature of the mobile applications.

Mobile Usage is growing:

  • As per comScore, 55% time spent online in june 2014 was on Mobile devices.
  • 56% pf US Internet users use both desktops and mobile devices to access digital content online.
  • Mobile is accounting for eCommerce spending is increasing (from 10.5% in 2013 to 23% in 2014)
  • In 2014, 124.8 milllion US consumers will shop on a smartphone  – that is 63.5% of digital shopper (source: eMarketer 2014)
  • U.S. retail mobile commerce sales will soar from $42.13 billion in 2013 to $132.69 billion in 2015. (source: Forrester 2014)

How many times have you done things on your mobile phone rather than wait to get infront of a laptop, just because you can do it NOW! Instant gratification is the mantra of the Connected Consumer. Todays customer engage via mobile device where their needs are resolved in a timely fashion, with a touch point of choice.

Regardless, you are a consumer facing organization or a business-to-business conglomerate – If you want to go mobile – EnchantApps can help. A mobile application is not a solution by itself, its a part of a big picture enterprise solution integrated with your back office seamlessly.

A mobile friendly back-end, a easy to use front end with specifically build User Interfaces (UI) for mobile users, combined with seamless integration with your EBS system can tremendously help you achieve the results of mobility. Challenge today is that not many enterprises are fully leverageing mobility. Even though some have it in their roadmap, they are too slow enabling the features needed by users, and end up having less adoption and more complaints.

It won’t be wrong to say that your organization must adopt a mobile strategy to success. And your direction to mobility will determine if it will help you get to the next level or you end up building just another app no one ever wants to install.

Please reach out to us to discuss how we can help you in defining and executing your enterprise mobile strategy with Oracle EBS.




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