Oracle users face an everyday challenge when it comes to integrating desktop data with Oracle forms. There are many tools out there which accomplish certain aspect of this, but none of them gives you everything you need.

Lets look at a Web Desktop integration solution by EnchantApps.

Web ADI In a nutshell:

  • Integrates Oracle EBS with Spreadsheet for easier data entry and modeling
  • An integrated and secure solution for loading, amending and extracting data from the EBS.
  • Load data directly into the EBS using Microsoft Excel, Projects or Word
  • Allows users to create integrators for reporting

Oracle Inventory Web ADI:

  • Item Web ADI
    • Create Item Number using Item template
    • Updating Item Number
    • Disable Item
    • Assign Item to Organization
  • Item Category Web ADI
    • Create Item Category codes under any particular Category Set
    • Assigning Category codes to Item
    • Update Item category on the item
    • Remove Item Category Item
  • Cross Reference Web ADI
    • Create cross reference types
    • Assign cross reference to Item
    • Update cross reference on item
    • Remove Item cross Reference
  • Item Manufactures Web ADI
    • Create Manufactures
    • Assigning Manufacturer part number to Item
  • Item Sub Inventory Web ADI
    • Creating sub inventory level Min Max for an item
    • Update Item Sub inventory Min Max

Pre-Requisites for the Web ADI application:

  • Client PC with Windows
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater installed on the client PC
  • Microsoft Excel installed on the client PC. For Web ADI to work with Microsoft Excel you must change the macro settings for Excel.
  • To do so:
    • In Excel, go to Tools > Macro > Security > Trusted Sources.
    • Select the “Trust access to Visual Basic Project” option.
  • To allow spreadsheets to be created on your desktop, change your intranet browser security settings as follows:
    • Navigate to Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level.
    • Set the “Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe” option to “Prompt”.

To know more about this cost effective solution to enhance the productivity of your everyday Oracle users, contact us today. Drop an email at and some one from our solutions team will get back to you soon.

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