Nov 2020. Houston, TX

EnchantApps recently signed an agreement with SplashBI to sell its product line of Oracle Cloud Tools, including the website and flagship product SQLConnect to SplashBI.

SplashBI, a global leader in analytics and reporting, currently has application and products that work with Oracle EBS. With the integration of SQLConnect, SplashBI will be able to cater the needs of its Cloud customers and provide an easier way to access and extract Oracle Cloud data.

“This acquisition will help SplashBI customers to connect to Oracle cloud in real-time and get their data access quickly. Also, with this our current SQLConnect customers will be able to continue to use it and also able to leverage the power of SplashBI in near future for visual reporting. Its a match that was bound to happen”, said Pallavi Jain, Director of Applications at EnchantApps.

These changes do not impact how SQLConnect is used by current customers across the world. At the time of this writing, SQLConnect is used by 400+ users in 10+ countries around the globe.

EnchantApps Completes sale of SQLConnect to SplashBI

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